Book folding complete alphabet pattern

livre plié alphabet complet
Uppercase + lowercase + special characters
All the letters to form the name or word you want.
You can also use the uppercase to create monogram.

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11 new folded book patterns

Eagle vespa clover
New available folded book patterns on my shop.

I can also create customized patterns.

poker bird bow

rocket horse beating-heart

cat infinity-heart

Laptop decal (chapter 5)

A while ago, I bougth metallic vinyl which was not expansive (more than classic vinyl but it was a moderate price).

On my black laptop, it has a very “chic” effect.
The quote “If only I had as much time as ideas” is truly adapted to my situation : by wanting to create too much I’m finishing nothing :-?

As usual, please comment for receiving the .sst (Silhouette Studio file) or fonts used (all free).

(Chapter 1 HERE – Chapter 2 HERE – Chapter 3 HERE – Chapter 4 HERE)

Holograms on tablet (or smartphone)

It’s easy to move your tablet or smartphone into an holographic projector.
Technically it’s not an hologram, but you will obtain a nice 3D effect.

You can even create your own hologram from pic!


Bird over cloud folded book pattern

Oiseau sur nuage
Great thanks to Serge who send me his bird over cloud folded book pattern.

Notice :
– the design is 12 cm high,
– it is made with 195 sheets.


Laptop and coffee maker decals

Results of a Cameo morning!
I had my last laptop decal for 8 months and need (want!) to change it

“I’m not messy, I’m creative”

And after having created a very useful storage drawer for it I wanted to customize our Lattissima.

As usual, you can ask me the fonts used (all are free) or my Silhouette Studio files.

BN birthday cake

In France, for snack time, children often eats “BN biscuits” and the small “mini BN“. It has the same size as an Oreo.
Even if my daughter is quite old (19), I found funny to make such a birthday cake.

As usual, a cake queen of Sheba and homemade marzipan.


New folded book patterns

walking-bear heraldic-lily nested-hearts
New available folded book patterns on my shop.

I can also create a customized pattern.

cupid-arrow-heart rocking-horse justice-scale


Storage drawer for coffee capsules

We bought a Nespresso coffee maker. Compared to our old filter machise, the coffee taste is much better. But capsules storage quickly becomes a hell!

Existing storages are attractive but not really practical : either you opt for a box (too bad, aroma you want is under all other) either you opt for a rack that takes a lot of space (and I do not want to exhibit my capsules).

A drawer which has my maker size, that is the solution!

Love clover family names cushion

My friend Marie is a great person! Generous and caring she is also a very cheerful person who has been an invaluable support in difficult times.

She appreciates the value of “handmade done with love” and for Christmas I like to create for her a customized gift.
This year, her daughter left for her studies, with this cushion I wanted her to be able to hug all her loving family.


Bobble beanie ornament

You already have in your drawers what is needed to make these cute little christmas hats!

Easy and quick to make, I promise!

Threads and bobbins finally organized

porte-bobines-01Once upon a time, there was a little girl having fun sorting her mom’s thread spools. But the little girl grew up, and she doesn’t have any more fun with that…

There are boxes for bobbins (unusual, see HERE) or spools but I want both to be stored together!


Business cards holder

porte-cartes-visite-01 porte-cartes-visite-06
Having nice business cards is easy, but find them intact through the handbag mess is a challenge.

You know me, whenever I can I recycle : using my son’s 20th years cake box!
It’s an enough strong cardboard and my baker had the good idea to choose a nice textured one.


Tiger head folded book pattern

Serge 13
Great thanks to Serge who send me his tiger head folded book pattern.

Notice :
– the design 12.5 cm high,
– the tiger head is made with 180 sheets.


Shop’s new look

It has been a year since my online shop exists, it deserved a little refreshment.

A more modern presentation and warmer colors.
Please come, have a look and give me your opinion!

To celebrate this new presentation, I offer you –10% until August 20th 2015, using the code “NewShop10
(excluding personalized pattern).


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